—16 May 2009
I've decided to post a video here of Os Golpes, a portuguese band which has impressed me mightily.

I don't know much about them other than they seem to be enjoying some success in Portugal and they rock in a very Strokes, new-wave sort of way.

They also seem to sport a very stylized image, which is pretty cool, full of classic portuguese symbols ( the red cross over the white background is a symbol that portuguese ships had on their sails during the Discoveries period ).

They also sing in Portuguese. When I grew up in Portugal most rock bands sang in English, I guess in an attempt to cross over the border, and make it big abroad. When that didn't quite work out, what we're seeing now is a portuguese language in rock revival.

I hope it lasts - though I obviously enjoy many english singing bands, it's refreshing to hear portuguese set to music.

Here is their Myspace

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